Fog causes flight delays for Perth Airport

Plane in the sky

Plane in the sky

Katherine Owers, Staff reporter

The heavy fog over Perth yesterday morning caused numerous delays and aborted landings at Perth Airport.

A layer of cool air trapped warm, moist air overnight, causing a misty covering over the Perth Metropolitan area.

The mist caused motorists to drive to work with their lights on, but meant major problems for both international and domestic flights.

Bureau of Meteorology’s Neil Bennett told ECU Daily that fog is simply a cloud on the ground.

“We have the light winds and a lot of moisture around in the atmosphere, and that causes the temperature at which condensation would occur, and then that basically forms the fog” said Mr Bennett.

Mr Bennet said there should be at least a few days of smooth sailing at Perth Airport after today.

“The conditions you need for a fog to form is a large amount of moisture, or a very humid atmosphere at the lower levels, and light winds and clear skies to allow the cooling to take place.

“So it’s not likely to happen in the next three or four days, because we’ll have a bit more wind around and cooler drier air.

“That’s not to say we won’t see a fog later; you can never rule out another fog later this month or even into November and December,” he said.

Mother Nature’s unpredictability struck as Perth Airport had just unveiled a new split-level departure lounge to the public this week.

The $145 million expansion has the capacity to hold enough passengers for two super-jumbo A380s, but the brand new development was left virtually untouched yesterday morning.

The arriving flights were diverted to nearby airports until the fog lifted in Perth. All services have now returned to normal, despite some of the diverted planes arriving later than scheduled.

As bad things often happen in threes, it was only natural that another unlucky event occurred at Perth Airport.

T1 International Terminal was evacuated for about 15 minutes after a false alarm, caused by a faulty sprinkler, set off an emergency evacuation.

However, passengers soon returned after the building was assessed by emergency services and deemed safe.