Does Perth need a Seawall?

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Does Perth need a Seawall?

Apanda Anyuon, ECU Reporter

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The city of Perth is showcasing a thought provoking artwork this month near the Perth train station called “Seawall” to increase public awareness of scientists’ latest predictions, that Perth’s riverfront and beaches will be flooded by the year 2100.

The project, “Foundations 2100″, is a response to growing anxieties and uneasiness about the ways climate change will impact future generations.

Artists Devon Ward and Kynan Tan created this artwork to serve as a reminder to future generations about the year 2100, 83 years from now.

According to Ward, Foundations 2100 is also a response to the rise of nationalistic rhetoric concerning the increase of border protection,

“The general concept of the work is, if ever there were a reason to build a wall, it should be to stop rising-sea levels, not to keep people out.”

The public installation will continuously play sound for 40 days and act as an intervention to encourage individuals to consider how their current actions will effect future generations.

“It primarily engages with two things: the long-term effects of climate change and changing questions about how we should treat national borders,” Ward said.

The artwork is installed on the footbridge above Roe street. The installation mimics the basic form-work necessary to build a concrete wall that is 12 metres long, 40 centimetres wide and 2.4 metres high. The wall has a solar panel and two speakers that are installed in the centre of the timber structure.

The final installation owes its formal qualities to Perth’s cityscape. The aesthetics are entirely derived from the spate of construction work happening throughout the city. That’s why Foundations 2100 is composed of timber, ply and construction fencing. It was commissioned by Transart, the City of Perth’s ephemeral art commission.

The sound composition will play from July 17 to August 26, 2017, and on the website until July 17, 2100.

You can find out more about the artwork on


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Does Perth need a Seawall?