Top apps to enhance living


Mari Spanja, Reporter

With so many apps coming out so fast it’s easy to overlook some of the gems that can make life a little easier. We took a moment to ask around and make a list of seven of the apps our friends are raving about:


Number one: Tasty

The free Tasty application was released this year on the app store and features over 2000 recipes.

The app’s modern and clean design makes it easy to read each recipe’s preparation and ingredients list. What makes this application stand out from the others is the feature called step-by-step mode.

Every step is individually shown through a video that repeats itself for you while the instructions are below, letting you cook at your own pace. Ingredient lists can be written and exported beforehand into your messages, notes or sent to your printer.

You can personalize the app to suit your dietary needs so if you’re a vegetarian, don’t worry, the app will hide meals with meat from you.

Some categories include Chinese inspired, pancakes, under 30 minutes, date night, plan your dinner and breakfast cups, vegan, one pot or pan, meal prep and appetizers.

Tasty has an average score of 5/5 out of the 200 reviews in its latest update

The application is currently only available on the Apple store.

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Number two: Sto Card

Ever get sick of all those cards hiding in your wallet?

Sto Card digitalizes all your loyalty memberships into one application. It has 15 million users worldwide and has been translated in 15 languages.

The free app has over 250 brands including Nandos, Priceline, Coles, Boost, Qantas and Velocity. Sto Card will use your camera to scan the card and create a digital version that any register can use.

In case you forget to use your cards, Sto Card also has a feature that sends a reminder when you are near a known store, making it easy to accesses the card directly with one swipe on the lock screen.

Each week Sto Card also provides catalogues of the stores you are a member of, as well as frequent coupons and discounts!

Sto Card has an average score of 4.5/5 from the 392 reviews.

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Number three: CheatSheet

The idea behind Cheatsheet is to provide fast access to small amounts of any information you can’t remember but need to. This can be login passwords, email addresses, shopping lists, number plates, phone numbers, Wi-Fi passwords, hotel door numbers or any information.

In the app, you add ‘cheats’ by selecting one of the 150+ icon’s that relates to your information (such as a computer icon for your Wi-Fi passwords) and then typing your information in.

These cheats can now be displayed straight to your iPhone’s home screen widget section. After 10 seconds of locking your phone the cheats will be invisible, preventing anyone who doesn’t have access to your phone from seeing them, however you can disable this feature.

CheatSheet has an average rating of 4.5/5 from the 25 reviews.

Price: The app is free however a $4.49 upgrade is also offered with a custom keyboard, the apple watch app and iCloud synch.

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Number four: Lrn

With coding becoming more evident within our society and education system, it is worth learning the basics your-self.

The idea behind Lrn is to slowly ease you in while developing how to read, write and speak the language of programming. No experience required. Through friendly copy and real life scenarios, you gradually gain confidence and recognise the behind scenes of programming.

For free, you get the first tutorial courses on HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. You can complete any course for $4.49; regardless the free version provides a good amount to start off.

Lrn has an average rating of 4.5/5 from the 117 reviews.

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Number five: Vidgets

Vidget creates simple yet useful live little widgets on your iPhone notification centre.

Each widget is a utility or a type of monitor for your phone that updates constantly.

The app enables you to add and organise network indicators, space on your phone, the current internet speed and widgets outlining remaining space on your device. These are then immediately available in the Notification Centre.

Vidgets has an average rating of 4.5/5 from the 70 reviews.

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Number six: Last Message

You may have had a moment of panic when your phone battery dies while you’re out of the house.

Last Message is a customisable solution that sends an automatic message to pre-selected contacts just before your phone dies.

With the app, you can personalise your away message anyway you’d like and at what percentage you’d like the app to send the message.

So, next time your battery becomes depleted, you can be confident that your contacts will know exactly why you are not reachable on your mobile.

Last Message runs in the background of your device and monitors your battery – you can set the app to notify someone through Twitter, Email, SMS or Facebook to warn them.

You can also configure the days you’d like the app to function on.

Last Message requires Android 2.2 or higher, meaning that it will work on most modern devices although some older devices may not be supported.

Last Message has an average rating of 4/5 from the 365 reviews.

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Number seven: Freedom

Freedom helps you focus and get your work done by scheduling what application you want muted when you need to concentrate.

Create and edit what apps you want to block at the times you choose.

The app works by using a lightweight ‘limited VPN Profile’, which allows the app to block content you choose on your advice. Your browsing information never leaves your phone and it is said to be secure.

Keep in mind Freedom can’t block phone calls or texts since no applications can do that. Freedom also can’t prevent you from opening apps.

Freedom has an average rating of 3/5 from the 60 reviews.

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