What’s On: Get on your hike

Where and who to get your hike on with this summer

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What’s On: Get on your hike

There is a hike for everyone with many of the groups having easy hikes as well as tedious hikes for the more experienced

There is a hike for everyone with many of the groups having easy hikes as well as tedious hikes for the more experienced


There is a hike for everyone with many of the groups having easy hikes as well as tedious hikes for the more experienced



There is a hike for everyone with many of the groups having easy hikes as well as tedious hikes for the more experienced

Brigid Dix, Reporter

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Perth is home to many bush walks and hiking trails, and with spring in full bloom now is a great time to put on your hiking boots and explore our beautiful landscape.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2013-2014: “Walking for exercising was the most popular physical recreational activity with 19% of people aged 15 or over walking for exercise at least once in the last 12 months.”

While you can trek alone, Perth is also home to quite a few hiking and bushwalking groups, so here is where to get your hike on in Perth this spring:

The Hike Collective:

If you’re looking for a hike that’s not too easy but also not too hard then you could look at The Hike Collective, a hiking group that organises monthly hikes in Perth. Their hikes are all ticketed and the funds they make from the hike are donated to mental health organisation Beyond Blue. They have an upcoming hike on October Hike on October 27 at Jorgensen Park in Kalamunda, and also have two hikes in November. According to The Hike Collective’s Facebook page, they describe themselves as a “not for profit group bringing people from all groups of life together to experience natures best trails, creating happiness and stillness, adventures and experiences, where we can raise money and awareness for those battling with anxiety.”  If you would like to find out more about The Hike Collective you can go to their Facebook page here.

Upcoming walks: October 27, November 5, and November 26

Price: $6.24-$79.28 (prices vary depending on location and duration of hike)


Hiking Club of WA:

If you’re not a professional hiker, like myself, or if you do enjoy bush walking and consider yourself to be quite the hiker, like my Dad does, then this is the hiking group for you. Unlike The Hike Collective, The Hiking Club of WA offers hikes every Saturday morning. They offer easy, moderate and hard hikes advising patrons how difficult the hike is beforehand. According to The Hiking Club of WA’s website they “Aim to provide recreational walking and associated activities in both suburban and country areas for exercise, for an appreciation of our natural surroundings and for social interactions with a friendly group of people.” If you get peckish while walking they do provide the occasional coffee break, picnic or a stop at a café along the way. If you are interested in joining the Hiking Club membership will cost you $30 and will last for a year. Non members can also attend their walks though, they just have to pay $5 to participate. For more information about the group, you can explore their website here.

Upcoming walks: October 28-29, November 4, November 9

Price: Free to members and $5 for non members.


Perth Bushwalkers Club Inc:

If you’re reading this and thinking the previous walks are too easy, well Perth Bushwalkers Inc may be the challenge you’re looking for. According to the website “ An Introductory Walk will typically involve about 5 hours of bushwalking (excluding breaks), including 1-2 hours of off-track walking and at least +300m (vertical gain) in a total of uphill walking. “ Now that’s just the introductory walk, still not tired yet? You’re also required to carry a day pack with a minimum 2L of water, food and other necessities. This walking group definitely isn’t for a first time walker, but if you are keen to give it a try, the club invites those who are interested to try a $10 ‘introductory walk’.  A full membership will cost you $40 and will last a year, with the club going on many walks and activities throughout the year. For more information on the club click here:

Upcoming walks: 1 or 2 walks each weekend in November

Price: Free for members and $10 for non members


Young Perth Hikers:

Hiking may not sound that exciting to young people, personally I normally only go hiking when it becomes a compulsory supposedly ‘fun’ family outing. But Perth is home to a Facebook group of young people, who “are up for a bit of hiking and beers afterwards.” So if you want to go hiking with young folk who aren’t too serious about hiking, then this is a good group to join. Similar to the previous hiking groups, they offer easy walks, as well as long tedious walks and by tedious I mean 41km walks, but there is a walk for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. As well as the Facebook group they post  events on a site called Meetup, for more information about Young Perth Hikers click the link here.


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What’s On: Get on your hike