Redefine yourself through flying

Flying Trapeze Workshop Perth

Flying Trapeze Workshop Perth

Yunqi Yu, Reporter

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Confident, out-going and positive, I can’t come up with any other words to describe Nikki Gheysen when I first saw her.

Like sunshine? No, she is the sunshine.

“Come on, you will love it!” Following her without any hesitation, I can’t wait to explore the secret of her, and her business,

The secret is flying trapeze. After running business in Queensland, she was given the opportunity to move to Perth with her team at the Flying Trapeze Workshop Perth.

“Perth is such a fabulous location. I love it here since I came here. There are no other places better than Perth to do the Flying Trapeze Workshop,” Gheysen said.

Flying trapeze is a circus activity invented by Jules Leotard in 1859 in France. It has two swings with a flyer and a catcher. The flyers perform to be caught by the catcher and returned to the swinging bar and back to the platform, all performed 10 metres above ground, swinging at great heights.

Sounds simple? It’s absolutely simple. However, when you actually do it, it is indeed a challenge.

Everyone finds different aspects of the activity challenging. For some people it’s the ladder, some people jumping off the platform, some the swing itself and some the height. It’s a great way to overcome and face any fears.

But the great fun of this activity is a challenge as well. We have desire, so we also have fear. However, some can overcome it while others give up. The most valuable part of this exercise is not  only fitness benefits, but also to break the restriction in your mind. It’s the new opportunity to redefine yourself.

Gheysen explains that flying trapeze is a fabulous experience which gives confidence, strength of mind and character. Fitness is a great side effect of the activity, the participants who do it regularly become stronger in body as well a mind. It helps with all aspects of life through communication, learning to learn new skills and perform under pressure.

She said that with your first trial, you will achieve what you can’t gain from other exercise.

Everyone feels a huge sense of achievement and positivity. Also they feel the thrill of adrenaline and excitement of their achievements. However great or small.

“In the first class, participants learn the ‘knee-hang’, to swing and hang by their knees. Then once they have practised and have the correct timing we will attempt to catch them. Even in their first ever workshop, ” she explained.

“With professional instructors, you will get not only excellent teaching quality, but the valuable friendship. Our instructors have different Circus experiences and perform other aerial activities, some gymnastics and lots have flying trapeze training. Many participants have a good relationship with their instructors after joining our workshop.

“No experience is necessary, just the desire to try and experience the thrills.”

With a gentle smile and self assurance, Gheysen further shared her story saying: “My whole experience with the flying trapeze has been an amazing journey and I love to share the traditional skills with everyone who is happy to try. It has made me learn to be stronger and healthier and deal with life’s unexpected twists and turns.

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Redefine yourself through flying