Perth Funny Man: Matt Storer


Ebony Garlett, ECU Reporter

The Perth Comedy Festival kicked off this week and runs until May 20 in venues across Perth, so we thought we’d speak to local talent, WA born and bred, Matt Storer.

Matt Storer was the winner of the WA Raw Comedy Competition in 2014, Australia’s longest running open mic competition, as well Funny Faces competition also in 2014. Storer has established himself as one of the country’s brightest comedians and has earned applause across Australia and the United Kingdom. He creates refreshingly original comedy, both on his feet and behind a piano.



His upcoming show, is titled ‘Wuss’. It is a name that haunts him on sleepless nights because it might be the most accurate. Probably not, though. He does order hot at Nandos.

He said that ever since he was 16 he loved writing jokes down and performing for his family and friends but he wasn’t aware of the comedy scene back then. When he was 20 he entered Raw, which was a nationwide comedy competition and he won the WA leg. He then headed to the National finals in Melbourne which was broadcast on TV and ever since then he’s been in the comedy scene.

Matt said that he always felt that he was confident and later found a comfort in being on stage and in his own words “in my element”.

NewsVineWa sat down with Matt and asked him some questions about his comedic occupation:

What are the pros and cons of the gig?

He said “doing what I would probably be doing in my spare time but as a job” and “being able to be my own boss”.

But he added, you learn quickly that “not all jokes translate to the stage”

He explained: “Your feelings and reputation are all on the line” in this constant state of “you need to be confident enough to keep putting yourself out there but insecure enough to not feel that great about it all the time”.

How did you overcome people not laughing?

He said: “Yeah, well it’s an occupational risk, really … but the audience is on your side so as long as you can act as if you know what’s going on, or you’re okay and move on to the next joke the audience will just roll with the punches. Fake it till you make it.

“You always have to bring to the stage what YOU think is funny”. He added that it’s important to bring yourself to the table. As long as you are your genuine self, you’ll be able to create content and people will appreciate your realness. But once you start being something other than that the audience will be able to pick up on it.”

Is it only for a certain type of person?

“You need certain attributes; to be dedicated and you need to be okay with the spotlight.

“In my experience I’ve met comedians of different shapes, sizes and personalities. Some very high in energy, and backstage they keep telling jokes and don’t stop, and others who won’t say a word when they’re off stage and are very quiet, timid people.”

You can follow Matt Storer on his Facebook or Instagram to see what he gets up too.

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