Have you escaped yet?

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Have you escaped yet?

Katie Hully, Reporter

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Have you escaped? Or have you not tried to yet?

Well escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and after experiencing one myself, I understand the adrenaline rush that you get trying to solve the clues before the time runs out, and the achievement felt if you complete the room in the allocated time (generally one hour).

Last Friday I took 3 friends to Escape Hunt in Fremantle. It was our first time to try and find out why these rooms are becoming so popular. Once we arrived they explained what happens, talking us through the room scenario.

Our challenge was to solve a murder in a café. Within the room, there were puzzles to solve. Don’t worry if you are unable to solve them, you are allowed a clue or even six (in our case we needed 4).

Escape rooms started after the online games became so popular that people wanted to start finding clues and solving problems in the real world.

Dave Pearson, the owner of Escape Hunt Fremantle said: “Our [rooms] are quiet mild. I know a guy who played one in Hungary, who says you pay your money online, get a text and car rocks up and takes you to an old Russian apartment block. At one point he had to use an angle grinder! It was just so intense. After an hour someone unlocks the door, you get in the car and it drops you back.”

In the five years since starting in Australia, escape rooms are growing quickly. In 2016 there were 47 different escape rooms to play in, now in 2018 that number has increased to 94. Most escape rooms, have a time limit of an hour to allow participants to escape, though some can do it in less than 20 minutes.

Some of the most popular escape room themes are detective, historical, prison, horror, dream, kidnapping, mad scientist, and magician.

Lincoln Tapping, one of the staff at Escape Hunt Fremantle, said about 50% of people don’t make it out, but it generally depends on the room you’re in. “A lot of people do come back after they have done one, as they want to do all the rooms.”

What did my friends think?

Royceton Hardy

“It was awesome. I found myself sometimes putting too much thought into things that were actually straightforward.

“Having a team is best as everyone thinks differently. You need to keep an open dialogue throughout the experience.”

Ben Lam Sing

“I went into the escape room not knowing what to expect. My apprehensiveness was soon turned into intrigue as we worked our way through the puzzles. Once we were on our way, the team worked together with different permutations of solutions that all contributed to getting us to an end result.

“Definitely will go again as it was a great team building exercise whilst also being a brain teasing experience in logical thought!”

Sonja Reynen

“I thought the escape room was a great experience. It made us work together as a team to figure out the clues and solve the puzzles. It was challenging and satisfying when we completed each step.

“I would definitely do another escape room because it was good fun and something different to do with my friends.”


I think escape rooms are becoming popular because it’s a different experience and something you can do with your friends or workmates. With five different companies running with in the metropolitan area there will always be a new room for you and your friends to do.”


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Have you escaped yet?