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Chiko-Martin Miti, Reporter

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The $137, 000 Russell Street Park has now opened to the public in Morley. The Water Corporation, in collaboration with City of Bayswater, said they are pleased to have been involved in the construction of a new recreational community park and the City’s new ninja-warrior style obstacle course.

City of Bayswater constructed the park after obtaining an $87,000 grant from Lotterywest and a $50,000 fund from the Department of Biodiversity. The drainage area along Russell Street is owned and operated by the Water Corporation.

The park has been transformed into a space for young people to encourage them to enjoy, get active and relax in a fun way. The course is made in a natural style and surrounded by trees. It is made up of ten stations to get through and also features climbing walls, balancing on logs, ropes, rock cliff hangers and beams.

With rocks and logs available for seating, the park also features solar lighting for night use. Russell Street Park is centrally located, opposite Morley bus station and close to Galleria Shopping Centre making public transport convenient and allowing for many parking options.

While NewsVineWA was checking out the park there were some children who seemed to be enjoying chasing each other around and using the equipment, but this was not the case for one the young mother who brought her child to play at the park.

Andrea Sparrow, who brought her daughter to the park for the first time, said it was an interesting idea but she didn’t like the way the park was made.

“There is too much space in between to get onto other equipment,” she said. “They said it was a ninja-warrior style and … I was like let me go down and have a look and I came here thinking it is cool, but no. It’s kind of a let down, because I thought there was going to be more to this, but at the same time I do think ‘yeah its okay because it is a free pass, we don’t need to pay to come in here.’”

Water Corporation’s senior media advisor, Louise Fleming said her company was pleased to have worked with City of Bayswater in this project to transform the once ugly drainage system into a recreational park that will benefit the community.

“The drainage system protects homes and businesses from flooding and this was a deserted storm water drain that was previously fenced off for public safety, drains can be functional, while also more liveable, greener areas for the community. There will be no impact on the functionality of the drainage area during winter.”



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