What’s on? Sully, Matthew Garrod, Soda Pop and beyond


Sully (left) and Mathew Garrod (right)

Ebony Garlett, Reporter

So this week there’s a couple of good artists popping their heads up over the weekend but if you need to let off a little more steam off Soda Pop is the pop-up bar taking over Northbridge.

Music’s one of those funny things that can be interpreted in so many different ways. When I listened to Gutless, the first song on Sully’s new album, it was very reminiscent of uni, that feeling like I could never catch up and just needed sleep.

Sully are launching the album on May 18 at Amplifier. There’s a trumpet/orchestra lead in right before the start that takes you places. I spoke to lead singer and songwriter of the band, Andy Snelling.

The band is on Triple J’s Unearthed and consists of Andy, Aaran Gicquel (guitars), Chris Neylon (Bass) and Alex Ford (drums), although the band has changed a little since 2008. Their influences are Manchester Orchestra, Electric President, Jack Ladder And The Dreamlanders, Sigur Ros, The National, Pulled Apart By Horses and Future of The Left.

They’re kind of in that emo second-wave sound, thriving off that golden age in the early to mid-1990s. Sully have laced their sound with a poppy sensibility fringed by evident post-rock and hardcore influences which all tie together to give the band a cohesive sound all their own. Andy’s voice in Gutless is very smooth soft and Arctic Monkey-like. It’s a sound you can easily have on in the background, lying on your bed, while having your existential crisis.

Mathew Garrod has his We’re on a Ship single launch this Saturday at the Sewing Room, a new bar formerly known as Basement down Wolf Lane in Perth. The album and single have a really sweet sound like honey, very ‘boy & bear’. If you’re keen to have a listen hit it up on SoundCloud.

Matt and his band will be joined by Tenielle Neda and indie-pop band Indigo Moiré. The event is free. If you’re into a warm relaxing country sound like boy & bear and Admiral Fallon, I definitely recommend having a listen or making your way down. The emotionally-charged track is the first single from Garrod’s highly anticipated Canyons EP, due out early next year, and features lush vocals accompanied by a simple combo of an old piano and snare drum. Beautiful orchestral builds and ambient guitar lines round out the track, which was produced in WA by James Newhouse.

Soda Pop is popping its way through the streets of Northbridge and Perth this weekend and from May 11 to July 23.

Apparently it’s Perth’s first winter, pop up bar. It’s set up next to Metro City and it’s a two-tiered bar with American style food. The buffalo wings were what I tried. They’re on a hot BBQ sizzling, succulent and not dry, the smell lured us in at around 12:50 pm. They had other things to try like loaded fries but pickings were slim by the time we got there. We came in during one of their free nights, the only problem with these pop-up bars holding events is that they usually make you get the tickets online or charge you to a huge fee at the door. (e.g like Banana Social earlier this year).

Entertainment-wise there’s a massive cinema screen where they have movie nights, if you’re looking for a quieter night.

It’s set up next to Metro City, on every:

Friday: 6pm – 1am;

Saturdays: 2pm – 1am;

and Sundays: 2pm – 10pm.

So lockout is pretty early but there are a couple of events I’ve linked for after parties.

Jack the Ripper: Metro City

Sunday jam Long weekend

Winter pop up party: The Boulevard

Lollypop Part Launch