Long legs are a girl’s best friend

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Long legs are a girl’s best friend

Which is more attractive?

Which is more attractive?

Which is more attractive?

Which is more attractive?

Bella Sardelis, Reporter

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New research released by the University of Cambridge, suggests that women prefer men who have long legs.

Scientists found that women think long-legged men are more attractive. The research suggests that this may be because long legs may indicate a socioeconomic privilege, while an average ratio might indicate good health.

Research conducted by psychologists and evolutionary anthropologists from the University of Cambridge discovered that male attractiveness depends on a person’s limb proportions.

In the study, researchers had women rate the attractiveness of CGI male figures that were designed using digital software.

The figures were based on a large database of males from the US military, their proportions resembled actual human males in the population.

Figures in the study were designed to ensure that the overall height remained constant, while changes were made to leg and arm length, as well as the ratio between the lower and upper limb segments.

Results from the database showed that a males arm length did not matter as much to women, as opposed to their legs when it came to attractiveness. There was a clear preference for longer legs, with it being just slightly longer than average to have a positive appeal.

Scientists found that the reasoning behind why women prefer longer legs on men, was because they offer a balance between the advantages of greater size in a potential mate. In particular, they offer a robustness and implied socio-economic privilege, and those of averageness, which is associated with a strong immune system and good health.

Professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne, of Psychological and Brain Sciences in America also conducted her own study into this theory.

In her study, Prof Whitbourne suggests that tall men have higher self-esteem, in all they are happier and less likely to feel jealous towards other men, and this is, in essence, is the reasons why females find taller men more attractive.

Prof Whitbourne argues that the theory that women like taller men is a construct made by women’s subconsciousness in society. As women are positioned to believe taller men are more attractive, masculine and protective etc.

This concept derives from a construct by women, as Prof Whitbourne explained, that women associate height with weight and strength and in all the overall reliability as mentioned previously.

There is also the construct that women see taller men as being someone to look up to, with their superior qualities.

I conducted my own quick survey on this study and interviewed ten females with the same question ‘do you prefer guys with short or long legs?’.

I found that ten out of ten responses believed men with longer legs were more attractive.

The responses are as follows:

  • “I like a taller guy because I’m so short.”
  • “Tall guys are kinda hotter.”
  • “It depends on how their legs look, but the guy has to be taller than me.”
  • “I like taller men because they look more like a man, and it looks better when the guy is taller than the girl.”
  • “Long legs because they are taller.”
  • “Long legs on boys for sure, I like a guy who is taller than me.”
  • “Long legs because they are more masculine and attractive.”
  • “Long legs because they are taller than me.”
  • “Long legs because it usually means they are taller.”
  • “I like guys with long legs, the reason being that they look more gentlemen like and sophisticated.”

Ireland’s biggest online dating service, The Irish Examiner, released statistics showing that size does matter when it comes to men’s height.

Director of the Dublin-based Intro Match-Making Agency, Rena Maycock, believes that women liking tall men more than the average height is a genetic thing.

“That may even date back to primitive times when men were larger and hunters or gatherers,” she said.

Psychotherapist Anne Colgan, who was also involved in analysing the data for the Intro study, said the theory that women like men with longer legs is also evident in media products.

“It has been reinforced by films and what we are fed on TV is that the ideal man, is tall, dark and handsome and this goes into our minds and takes roots from an early age,” she concluded.

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