NeuroScientific: Recent float wants to fight Alzheimer’s

NSB shareprice July 27 -Oct 4 2018

NSB shareprice July 27 -Oct 4 2018

ASX Chart

ASX Chart

NSB shareprice July 27 -Oct 4 2018

Linton Price, Business Journalist

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NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuticals (ASX: NSB) is a Perth based company aiming to create new treatments for some of today’s most debilitating conditions, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The company was listed on the ASX on July 27, with an initial expected trading price of 20c. By Tuesday the following week, the share price had increased to 0.30c, though it has since declined to a reasonable 18.5c as of September 12.

“The company’s origins can be traced back to being a spin-out from University of Western Australia,” company CEO and Managing Director, Matt Liddelow, told NewsVineWA. “but it became Neuroscientific Biopharmaceuticals after the company added the Emtin technology to its development pipeline.”

The company’s main focus is developing treatments for brain injuries and issues. They are currently developing therapeutic peptides, short chains of amino acids that can target very specific proteins and stop them from reacting. They can also be used to transport medication into cells without damaging them.

Peptides are already being tested in cancer treatment and have many desirable qualities as a medical option, being easy and cheap to produce and highly efficient at their given tasks.

One of NeuroScience’s primary peptides is “EmtinB”, which has just passed the animal studies phase and is now entering safety and toxicology studies.

“As well as demonstrating the therapeutic potential of EmtinB, animal studies have also validated a number of biomarkers and metabolites that can be used to measure its neuroprotective effect during treatment,” Mr Liddelow explained.

Biomarkers are substances which can be used to identify a range of physiological processes, including diseases, while a metabolite is any substance formed in or necessary to metabolism.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the US, neuroprotection is an effect that may result in salvage, recovery or regeneration of the nervous system, its cells, structure and function

EmtinB is being developed not only to combat Alzheimer’s and dementia, but also, potentially, diseases associated with degeneration of the optic nerve.

“NSB hopes to develop EmtinB into a treatment for a range of neurodegenerative conditions. The long-term goal is develop the peptide candidate to the point at which it presents as an attractive deal proposition for “big pharma”,” Mr Liddelow said.

Another peptide, 15mS.A., is being developed as a diagnostic tool for early-stage Alzheimer’s.

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NeuroScientific: Recent float wants to fight Alzheimer’s