Yoga and the great outdoors


Supplied by Tess Majeks

SUP Yoga

Bridget Turner, Reporter

Escaping the pressures of everyday life and embracing the world around us can be difficult considering how connected we are through the internet and our phones. Yoga has been around for many a moon but its newest developments give participants the opportunity to disconnect and take in some fresh air. While yoga has always had a following, it is finding new life in niche markets. Indoors, you have the options of nude yoga, hip hop yoga or AirYoga, but it is the outdoor options that provide a connection to the elements.

Frieda Orr is a yoga instructor who runs the frequently sold out Hiking and Yoga Adventures in Perth’s surrounds. Asked about the popularity of these events, she said: “I think that it is people screaming out, whether they know it or not, for time outdoors in nature.”

Supplied by Frieda Orr
Hiking and Yoga adventure

This is Orr’s passion project. She enjoys being able to help people have an embodied experience out in nature. The events give participants the chance to disconnect from the pressures of society and to immerse themselves in the experience completely.

If hiking is not your thing there is always the option of stand up paddleboard yoga. This is run by Tess Majeks, who owns Be Yoga. This experience will certainly test your core strength, as normal paddleboarding can be difficult enough. However, this is another chance to completely disconnect and leave your phone behind for at least one hour. Majeks said: “Everyone leaves their phones in their cars, then it is just us, our boards and nature.”

Supplied by Tess Majeks
Stand up paddleboard yoga class

These classes are also popular but are dependent on the weather. Although Majeks told me about a class a couple of weeks ago where it rained throughout and she said the experience was “so cleansing”.

If you are still not tempted, the next event might do it. The last yoga outdoor event I came across is goat yoga.

Yes, you read that right. Yoga with goats. And sometimes a few lambs sneak in.

Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary in Mt Helena, a 45 minute drive from the city, runs a yoga class with goats and lambs that goes for an hour and a half. If you hadn’t already guessed, these events are popular and the money you pay to participate contributes directly to the rescue and rehabilitation of native and farm animals.

Supplied by Mark Hayman
Goat Yoga

Vice President Mark Hayman said: “Participants get to experience goat yoga amongst the sights and sounds of the sanctuary, within our residents’ home where they feel most comfortable.”

Not only is this a chance for participants of any ability level to immerse themselves in nature, but also a chance to interact with animals in a calm and inviting environment.

“Goat and lamb yoga combines the physical and mental health benefits of yoga with the character and playfulness of goats and lambs,” Hayman said.

With winter fast approaching, why not take the time to embrace the outdoors and find an experience that could help you to disconnect, recharge and centre yourself.

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