Crazy scenes at the Vic!


Photo by Julian Vicentini

Julian Vicentini, Reporter

Forget your standard pub quiz nights and chase the ace: Crazy Crab Racing is where all the excitement is, and it is all happening at the Vic Hotel in Subiaco.

Crazy Crab Racing is for all ages and I can confirm it is a very fun and thrilling game. It consists of five contestants who are designated a crab each by picking a number from one to five out of a hat. The five crabs then battle it out by being placed in the middle of a round table, with the first crazy crab to reach the edge of the table being declared the winner.

Event coordinator and pub owner Bevan Marwick was the man behind the idea to bring the race to the heart of Subiaco. He said: “I saw this in Bali not too long ago and in Broome and I thought maybe we could do something similar to it here. Everyone does chase the ace, but crazy crabs are like a point of difference, so that’s pretty much why I decided to do it.”

Crab racing is something that the town of Broome has been heavily involved with since 1993. “In Broome, it has been embraced by both locals and tourists, who pack into a local pub on Sunday evenings to make a donation to charity and place a bet on one of the small, freshly collected crabs,” an ABC article from back in 2015 explains.

Speculation has surrounded the Vic Hotel this week with the news that the property owner and pub operator had put the 121-year-old venue up for sale, with its well-known $3.50 pints failing to bring in enough to make them want to keep it.

Asked if the purpose of Crazy Crab Racing was to bring in more patrons, Marwick listed what the pub is doing each night to bring up revenue. He said: “I just thought about doing something a bit different, it was one of the only nights that I didn’t have a something on. We do quiz nights on Mondays, we do special quiz nights on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays is student night. Thursday nights was sort of empty and then Fridays and Saturdays are pretty busy.”

In its third week now, the Crazy Crab Racing event has been successful so far with Marwick saying: “We did it last week and it was packed in here. We ended up doing five or six rounds.”

Besides it all being a new, fun and exciting game brought in by the Vic Hotel there were certain restrictions Marwick said the business had to abide by. He added: “We got to be careful in the fact that we don’t do it as a gambling technique. The Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor are quite strict on their terms of generating a profit based on people betting on things to win. So that’s why in our terms we can’t give away alcohol as a prize.”

Through these rules and regulations, Marwick and the team at the Vic Hotel have managed to gather other prizes, if you’re lucky enough to pick a winning crab. The prizes included a Corona bucket, a drinking glass, can coolers, necklaces and a $20 voucher for anything on the menu at the Vic Hotel.

The next event has already been scheduled for Thursday 21 March 2019 with the first race to begin at 8:30pm. To enter the race all you need to do is buy something off the menu that is $9 or over and then you’re in the running to win prizes.

Find out more visit the Vic Hotel’s Crazy Crab Racing event on social media by clicking here.