Earth Hour #Connect2Earth

The EarthHour 2019 Logo

Courtesy of EarthHour

The EarthHour 2019 Logo

Razia Osmani, Reporter

This Earth Hour on Saturday 30 March 2019 from 8.30PM to 9.30PM connect to Earth by switching off and joining the biggest global movement for the environment.

Earth Hour first took place in Sydney on the 31 March 2007 as the lights-off event, the following year in 2008, Earth Hour was held internationally marking the first anniversary of the event.

Ms Kerry Major the Earth Hour campaign manager at World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) told NewsVineWA, Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots movement for climate change, we are asking people, landmarks, councils, schools, business and organisation all over the country and the world to switch off their lights.

The 2019 Earth Hour campaign, #Connect2Earth artistic work stars images of the unique wildlife and iconic places that are at the center of climate change. Each image has been chosen to champion a story which includes the WiFi symbol.

Why the WiFi symbol you may ask?

Well, because just like Earth Hour, the WiFi was invented in Australia. Anytime someone wants to connect to the internet they look out for the WiFi symbol, “Earth Hour aims to spark conversations about what it takes to protect our planet. And it starts by connecting to nature. So, this year, we’re asking you to connect to the living network of all things: Australia’s precious natural environment.”

That’s why Earth Hour has chosen to star the WiFi symbol alongside iconic Australian species and their environments which symbolises your connection with Australia’s magnificent wildlife and nature.

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Ms Major said: “One thing I would like you all to do is to send a message to our Federal Government urging stronger action on climate change to meet our Paris Agreement target, to basically help protect our planet.”

According to the Earth Hour website, “To protect our unique species and their habitats, we need Australia to step up now and take stronger action on the promise we made at the 2015 Paris Agreement.” Government data suggests that Australia will not reach its 2030 targets.

If saving the planet, the environment and the wildlife was not incentive enough to switch off for one hour, you can enter a draw to have a chance to win a free trip to Western Australia and Ningaloo Reef by simply pledging to participate and #connect2Earth.

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