Perth horror after dark


Photo by Pedro Szekely

Perth after dark (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Bridget Turner, Reporter

If themes of horror, crime and murder are your sort of thing, this event might just be for you. Heritage Perth and Genrefonix are putting on a walking tour titled, In Cold Blood, that will have participants walking through the streets of Perth on the night of Friday April 26.

Now, what exactly does this event entail? Well, participants are led by actors playing Moondyne Joe a famous WA outlaw and  escapologist and his compadre Martha Rendell, the only woman executed at Fremantle Prison, who guide the participants through the city sharing the stories of murders and crimes from in the past.

The company behind the event Genrefonix is a Perth based arts/music collective that combines sound engineering and film making techniques to create live multimedia events. The gothic trope influences their work. Creative director Will Axten explained that In Cold Blood is more of a traditional walking guided tour, with less of the engineering landscape that audiences are used to, simply due to the location. He called it a “walking theatre”.

Genrefonix had a total of 16 sold out shows last year all of which were in WA. When asked about the attendance rate for the events Axten said “there is a strong interest”. He believes this is because the people of WA “like to see local history” especially when presented this way. The guides “present a theatrical re-telling of three key murder sites” which allows for an immersive experience.

Reflecting on the popularity of these events it is not hard to see why there might be such an interest in crime nights in current society. Take a look at the healthy box office performances of movies that scare us, for example, Us, Happy Death Day, Poltergeist, It, Split, Get Out. And those are just a few.

Admission costs $28, and the event runs for 50 minutes. It is also only available to those 18 years or older. As the subject matter is sinister and it is not a tour for the faint of heart, although the tone is light-hearted.

The guides playing Moondyne Joe and Martha Rendell are completely in character the whole time and while the event is scripted, it has room for them to improvise and include audience participation, the environment and any person walking past.

In Cold Blood is one of many events Genrefonix plans to run this year, so if it interests you,check out their other events.

Tickets to In Cold Blood are available here.