Rich Road, heading in the right direction.


Rich Road: L-R Tom Granger, Nick Fitzgerald, Kerrod Sharpe, Adam Bessant

Kate Purnell, Reporter

Local band Rich Road detail the adventure of four guys moving from WA’s South West to Perth through their Indie Rock numbers. Filled with relatable lyrics of Aussie adolescence and guitar riffs that persuade minor head banging.

Comprised of Nick Fitzgerald who provides vocals, Tom Granger on guitar, the bassist Adam Bessant, and Kerrod Sharpe on drums. These Bunbury boys welcomed me into their home to have a chat about the inspiration behind their music, the progression of the band and what the future holds.

I arrived to a buzz of musical energy as the band were jamming in the living area, loosely throwing ideas around and preparing for their upcoming gig. Posters of musicians line the walls and records line the shelves at Rich Road’s share house, which the guys say is as an active form of inspiration.

Adam kept his guitar with him throughout our interview, occasionally strumming a series of calming notes. As the interview wrapped up the guys jumped up almost instinctively, grabbing their instruments and beginning to jam again. Rich Road’s passion for music and the comfort they find in it is clear before any talking.

After being on the gig circuit since the release of their EP Two Minds last year, Rich Road explained they are in the process of finalising new music and will be heading to the studio to record in June.

We are focusing on “separating ourselves from what’s going on in Perth at the moment,” said Kerrod, adding the music writing process is allowing the band to find their sound. Tom jumped in explaining the band initially struggled with capturing their own flair in each song and instead a focus was placed on replicating the styles of artists who inspire them.

According to Nick, the current song writing process and song structures are more sophisticated. Introducing more complex melodies and harmonies to give each track more depth is a goal Rich Road agree they have been working towards.

Listeners can expect “catchy beats” and “groovy riffs” in the new music, according to the band.

On reflection on their older tracks, Sally and Two Minds the guys explained how the roots of moving from Bunbury to Perth are embedded into their music.

In Sally the lyrics “we all moved away, and we think it’s great” feature. Kerrod and Nick jointly explained Sally captures the excitement of four best mates moving from the country, where they had been situated their whole lives to the ‘big’ city.

Two Minds captures a different tone, as explained by Tom and Nick. It deals partly with being torn between the two cities and being confused about the future and where they wanted to end up.

A sentimental piece of home is always kept with the band. Rich Road was chosen as the group’s name, as over the years during summer in Bunbury the road the guys walked down to get to the beach is Rich Road.

As the band continues to progress all members made it clear that it is paramount to stay true to their ethos. The song writing process and live performances are a creative outlet for the band, which they desperately don’t want to see compromised in the name of churning out music quicker.

Continuing to weave their unique sound into each track is key to the members. Adam said the band is always striving to hear the phrases “I like your sound, and you sound like you!” rather than being compared to who else is on the scene they sound like.

The direction Rich Road is heading in now is where “we’ve always wanted to go,” Nick said.

After a small break from gigs to perfect their upcoming music, the guys said the new tracks should be ready for listening mid-year.

While you wait, you can keep up to date with the happenings of Rich Road through their Facebook and Instagram and can listen to them on Triple J Unearthed and YouTube.