Burger Day tasting notes

Kate Purnell, Malcolm Coleman, Steven Jones, Bridget Turner, Sharni Harman, Mason Smith, and Holly Edwards-Smith

The UK celebrates National Burger day/week/month in August, but Australia seems to be following the lead of the US and celebrating it this year on May 28, with some publications listing gimmicks and giveaways planned around the country.

Our offering to you, dear readers, is that we ate burgers for you, and collated our thoughts on the quality and tastiness of this dazzling array of burger meals.

Steven went to Varsity in Northbridge and wrote:

Initially the size of the burger is striking. It’s a big burger in comparison to similar burgers at fast food chains like Hungry Jacks or McDonalds. The Cheese Burger Deluxe is built around a thin beef patty, complimented by lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and their homemade mayo.

The bun of the Cheese Burger Deluxe is very soft and feels almost airy to bite into. That soft texture means the bun serves as a device to hold the contents inside together while not taking away any flavour.

The patty is a regulation beef patty. Probably about a half inch thick, the patty doesn’t stand out from competitors. The same could be said for the salad which is just onion, lettuce and tomato which can be found in burgers across the state.

The pickle and varsity mayo are a highlight of the burger, but it could have done with a tomato or BBQ sauce as well to compliment the beef. The chips were beautifully salted and crispy and ultimately shadowed the burger in the meal.

Overall, it seems when you pay extra for a Varsity cheese burger over comparable burgers at fast food chains, it’s for the experience you get rather than the burger itself.

Price: $12 (+ $4 for a side)

Student deal (with student card): $10 comes with chips and a drink


Mal went to Grill’d and wrote:

The Simply Grill’d Burger is to die for, a mouth watering grass-fed beef pattie, salad,relish and herbed mayo on their traditional bun. The only thing you have to do, is opt for adding tasty cheese. There are the choice of buns available, like the traditional, a new low-carb superbun, panini, and a gluten-free bun. The menu also includes  lamb and chicken burgers and a new Beyond Simply Grill’d, with a plant-based pattie.

Price: The beef Simply Grill’d is $11.50.


Sharni also went to Grill’d but tried a different burger, she wrote: 

Vegetarian burgers can be hit or miss but the Grill’d Garden Goodness Burger is a tasty and affordable option. The vegetable patty was a nice alternative to meat and was palatable with no overbearing flavours. It paired well with the avocado, relish, beetroot, tasty cheese, herbed mayo and salad. Beetroot on a burger can be polarising, but it was a nice touch of sweet to a savoury meal. Overall, the flavour combinations work really well together, and the burger is a decent size for the price, making it a nice vegetarian-friendly lunch.

Price: $13.50, with a side of chips for $5.50

Rating: 7/10



Bridget went to East Village Whitfords and wrote:

The New York Cheeseburger and chips is a great burger for satisfying those cheeseburger cravings. It starts with a brioche bun, which has a good texture that complements the overall taste of the burger, with an added bonus of not breaking apart as you eat it. The burger has an adequate amount of salad, mostly lettuce, onion and tomato.

The sauce is their own EV ‘signature burger sauce’ and damn it was good. It really enhanced the overall flavour of the burger. It had a good cheese to patty ratio. Sometimes when you get a burger the pickles can be hard to find, this was definitely not the case. There were plenty of pickles, which made every bite delicious.

Now for the patty, it was a good quality patty that had a homemade feel to it. There were two patties in the burger and they both were of a decent thickness. The meat was juicy and it wasn’t over seasoned, the patties worked well with all the other burger ingredients.

Overall, the burger wasn’t too big which made it the perfect size for a lunchtime meal.

Price: $19.90

Rating: 7/10


Kayt went to The Basso and wrote:

The bread on the Basso’s ‘Beyond Meat’ vegan burger is light and fluffy with a slight sweetness that complements the sauces. The bottom layer is nicely caramelised fried onion. On top of that sits the molecular masterpiece that is a Beyond Meat patty. It’s made in a lab to be as much like meat as a thing made of vegetables can possibly be. Next up is a sweet sticky sauce, like the kind they use on spare ribs. Next comes lettuce, tomato, slivers of red onion and slices of dill pickles that give the burger an American flavour. The top of the bun is lubricated with a jalapeno buffalo sauce that sets the whole thing off.

Price: $20 and served with chips.

Rating: I’m tempted to give this a 10/10, which may not be surprising – as Vegos are often disappointed eating out – but my omnivorous partner agreed and called it “an incredibly satisfying delicious burger”.


Kate went to RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers and wrote:

The ‘Stanley’ burger at RoyAl’s is made with local grass fed Angus beef from Gin Gin and features cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Every ingredient tasted fresh, a big steer away from many burger joints which seem to be mass produced without locally sourced ingredients.

The Angus beef from Gin Gin was a highlight, it’s not until you taste it that you realise what a difference local ingredients make. On top of tasting fresh, the patty was incredibly succulent and almost melts in your mouth.The flavours complimented each other perfectly, between the saltiness of the mustard and pickles and the crisp lettuce and tomato, the fried onion and the melted cheese and creamy mayo.

I got tater tots on the side, which were a bigger portion than I expected. Absolutely no complaints here. I would recommend RoyAl’s highly and will be coming back here again soon.

Price: The Stanley $14.00         Side: $6.00

Rating: 10/10 – Flawless


Mason went to Hoodburger and wrote:

Northbridge (and now Inglewood) institution, Hoodburger consistently come up with exciting takes on the classic cheeseburger.

After taking on their Hot Cheeseburger this week, I can tell you it’s not for the faint-hearted. But for those willing to take a risk of a potentially burnt mouth, I highly recommend it. With a buttery brioche bun, a crispy patty, tangy pickles, cheese and some extra spicy reaper ketchup, the Hot Cheeseburger is hot!

I typically prefer thicker patties than what Hoodburger served up, however, the thin and crispy patty let the spice come out and play. Although the Hot Cheeseburger becomes uncomfortable at times, the acidity of the pickles, saltiness of the cheese and buttery brioche bun sooth the burn perfectly.

Accompanied by a very generous serve of chips, the Hot Cheeseburger is a must-try for any thrill-seeking foodies out there.

Price: $12.00   Side: 4.00

Rating: 8.5/10

Holly went to McDonalds and wrote: 

Look, there are a multitude of delicious burgers in Perth but I went back to basics to see if the old favourites could hold their own. McDonalds is a household name. A staple of many childhoods offering relatively cheap and predictable burgers.

The Sausage and Egg McMuffin has always held a place in my heart and was and remains superior to the bacon McMuffin. It really does take me back. The soft bun with what I assume is corn meal on top, those little crumbs that stick to your lip as you eat it, the soft slightly melted cheese that hugs the thin and slightly spiced sausage patty, and then the egg – never a runny yolk but the whites are never rubbery and are always cooked through.

The McMuffin is now an all day menu item so you don’t have to rush to your local store before 10:30am anymore. Despite all the nostalgia you get and how delicious the first bite may be, this burger is nothing to continue to get excited about. The major positive is you can pick up the burger and enjoy it at home where you are most comfortable. But while you know what you’re getting, the thought is better than the reality when it comes to the Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

Price: $4.20 or $8.40 in a value meal.

Rating: Only just satisfying with not too many grease-related side effects – 4.5/10