OPINION: It’s not easy being purple

There's elation when The Dockers win.

There’s elation when The Dockers win.

Grenville Francis

The Fremantle Football Club has some of the most passionate supporters in the Australian Football League. We are also the biggest gluttons for punishment.

Yes, dear reader of this fine publication, I do write we as in me … being an eager Docker beaver. Which of course gifts me with, exclusive to Freo followers, the very special gift-boxed rainbow set of emotions.

A treasure trove of colours to be experienced. There’s red for rage, blue for broken-heartedness and the most-used green for the envy of the West Coast Eagles winning heaps and heaps and we well … not winning heaps. Actually, not winning much at all.

This according to Doctor Google and other medical luminaries, such as various Heart Foundations, can cause heart problems.

Excitement from a Docker’s win (where there’s too much adrenaline) can cause the heart to speed up, beat irregularly and stop. But who needs the extra adrenaline when the mere shock of being in front when the final siren sounds is enough to kill?

It goes without saying that frustration, anxiety and depression can also take their toll on the old ticker. All of which leads to a rather up and down existence in Dockerville.

But there is one consolation to enjoy. Barracking for the Fremantle Dockers is the greatest rollercoaster ride ever invented. I save so much on not needing to go to Disneyland and Dream World or Universal Studios or any other theme park.

Saved money that is extremely handy when upgrading to the latest defibrillator model with all the bells and whistles. Giving it pride of place next to the purple scarf and purple beanie and purple jumper, blanket, car seat covers and matching coffee mug and coaster set

While I await the next Fremantle fixture, pondering whether my heart will pound with pleasure or beat bowed down in defeat and in need of the said upgraded defibrillator.