The ‘Weasley Twins’ Coming to Perth


Provided by the Harry Potter Society of UWA Quidditch Team

Harry Potter Society of UWA Quidditch Team. From left to right: Natalie Teasdale, Jason Gonsalves, Jessica Cant, Lauren Espinoza, Lachlan Tang, Dylan Turner.

Raegan Lei, Reporter

There’s been a buzz on social media recently with the announcement that Oliver and James Phelps, also known as the Weasley Twins, are coming to Perth this year.

The Phelps brothers, who are real-life twins, will be in Perth to host the Quiz Show of Magic and Wizards across Australia, coming to Perth on 18 April.

The three hour show promises a magical night with performances from international magicians, a Harry Potter quiz for teams of up to ten people, and a Q and A with actors from the franchise.

First prize for the winning team is a 14 night cruise from London to Orlando with three nights in London, visiting all the renowned Harry Potter locations.

The twins last came to Perth in 2013 for Supanova and their return has been long awaited by Harry Potter fans.

“… yes! We are so excited!” said Jessica Cant, OCM from the Harry Potter Society of UWA.

“Do you think they would play Quidditch with us?”

“I wonder if they know that people do Quidditch competitions?” said Jason Gonsalves, Quidditch Director for the Harry Potter Society of UWA.

Unfortunately, neither Jess nor Jason will be able to make it to the quiz show, but were happy to reminisce about their favourite Weasley twin moments.

“The scene where they give Ron the love potion!” Jason said.

“When the twins set off the fireworks in the hall! When they set the fireworks off on Umbridge!” said Jess.

Oliver and James have both starred in movies since the conclusion of the Harry Potter franchise, but fans will always remember them as Fred and George Weasley.

The event organisers were unavailable for comment.