Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?


Annalise Hunt, Reporter

Can you safely exercise during pregnancy? Spoiler… the answer is yes.

But the experts recommend that certain sports are avoided – such as any contact sports or high-altitude exercise like skiing and scuba diving.

During the first trimester mothers-to-be should avoid any exercise that has them lying on their back.

Pilates instructor Leah Wright says the most important thing is for women to listen to their body and understand their weaknesses and strengths.

As well, for those who want to exercise during pregnancy, it’s important they don’t start new training or exercise regimes, but continue with their existing exercise routines.

Gentle exercise is the most beneficial for expecting mums, particularly pilates and aerobics rather than high impact exercise which may cause unnecessary strain or tension.

“It takes pressure off the body and joints so you don’t have the effects of gravity which is good during the later stages of pregnancy when you’re feeling heavy or heavily pregnant,”says Ms Wright.

She says it’s important pregnant women looking for healthy exercise, understand their body is going through changes and to find classes or routines suitable for their body and ability.

Ms Wright says anyone looking to exercise during pregnancy should consult their doctor before undertaking any exercise classes or routines.