Perth school keeping the doors open amid COVID-19


Grenville Francis

Tuart Hill Primary School: Open today but what will tomorrow bring?

Grenville Francis, Writer

Today, the school siren welcomed Tuart Hill Primary students to think critically and communicate effectively, understand the relationship between concepts and ideas, be creative on canvas and with clay.

It also invited teachers to provide a safe and caring environment while fostering a love of learning. Promised parents their children are being prepared to one day become community leaders and society shapers.

Tomorrow, who knows if the school siren will sound at all.

Not only for Tuart Hill Primary School but for every other primary school in the state. Together with every high school, university and TAFE college. Such could be the impact of Coronavirus on our school system.

Principal Beverly Innes said precautions have been put in place in case of a school shut down, should any student, parent, teacher or support staff member test positive for Covid-19.

“The Department of Education is very well prepared to support a school upon the proven evidence of a diagnosis Coronavirus within its community,” Principal Innes said.

Should any member of the school community be diagnosed by a medical practitioner as Covid-19 positive, she’ll contact the department’s special team, already in place, immediately.

She went on to say the team checks the authenticity of the positive result, to avoid false information and unnecessary alarm.

“The school would then be cleared and thoroughly cleaned,” she said.

“It would be reopened when the department feels the school is completely safe.”

Furthermore, counselling services for teachers, students and parents will also be available through the Department of Education.

When asked about the current mood of the school, Principal Innes said: “The mood is calm, it’s informed… we are alert, but not alarmed.”

At the time of writing this, Tuart Hill Primary School remains open and its siren continues to sound every school day morning. Welcoming its future community leaders and society shapers; and those instructing, guiding and nurturing them.