Classical performers ‘off the back of a truck’

Coen Vass, Reporter

Have you ever seen a 1975 Bedford truck serenading your street? Well now you can!

Freeze Frame Opera have been lifting the spirits of Perth locals with modern operatic classics performed from the back of a truck.

Opera singers and pianist performing from back of truck (Photo supplied by FFO)

‘Street shenanigans’ encourages neighbours to come outside to their driveways and enjoy a mini concert performed by two singers and one pianist.

CEO of Fast Frame Opera Harriet Marshall says the concept has taken off.

“It’s been really popular, people have had us come over to celebrate cancelled birthdays, milestones and simply just to put a smile on their faces,” Ms Marshall says.

The best part is they’ve found a way to provide income for performers and allow them to keep doing what they love.

“Our team are thrilled to still be able to work in this way, the singers get great satisfaction from being able to communicate with an audience and see their reactions,” she says.

With donations from the public, the not for profit association  has raised enough money to buy their own 1975 Bedford truck which was used in the Tim Winton movie Breath.

“We wanted to keep the concerts going so we fundraised to get this famous truck and there’s plenty of space up there for the performers, so it will be fun,” Ms Marshall says.

The idea also provides hope for an industry that relies on ticket revenue for income.

Angie Colman is a local singer and song writer who has felt the full effects of the pandemic.

“It’s been a massive blow, I can’t connect with my listeners and the amount of time and money planning, organising, making merchandise and buying gear has all been rendered useless,” she says.

“Most of my friends have lost their entire income.”

Many performers move from project to project within 12 months and aren’t eligible for the $130 billion JobKeeper scheme.

If you wish to show your support, check out the ‘I lost my gig’ website. Or if you fancy a ‘street shenanigans’ show you can find out more information here.