Australian audiences the real bogan hunters

The Bogan Hunters Cast (L-R) Kev Taumata, Paul Fenech, and Elle Dawe

The Bogan Hunters Cast (L-R) Kev Taumata, Paul Fenech, and Elle Dawe

Sam Tilbrook, Student reporter

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New show The Bogan Hunters is set to hit our screens later this year, facetiously documenting bogans around Australia, tapping into a growing interest and fascination in this uniquely Australian culture.

The mockumentary styled show is created by Paul Fenech, who also co-stars in the show as a bogan hunter himself, and comes on the back of his show Housos, which starred fictional bogans and was nominated for its writing by the Australian Writers’ Guild in 2011.

Other shows such as Bogan Pride and Upper Middle Bogan have also been well received.

So why are Australians are so drawn towards bogan-related shows?

Dr Lauren Rosewarne, published author and senior lecturer in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, said one possible reason for our fascination with the bogan culture is the fact that we can simply label them as the negative personality of Australia.

“It’s an easy archetype to loath,” she said.

“It’s an easy archetype to say ‘okay well they’re bludgers’ or ‘they’re the reason for x,y, and z in our culture’.”

However, Dr Rosewarne also said there is another quality to these shows that Australians enjoy.

“There seems to be a fascination with the aspects in ourselves that we’re uncomfortable with,” she says.

“I think we’re all likely to have an element or two of ‘bogan-ness’ in ourselves. Which I think makes the concept of bogans quite interesting, because we’re probably not willing to acknowledge that.”

The Bogan Hunters is set to air in May only in Australia on 7Mate.

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Australian audiences the real bogan hunters