Perth CBD goes smoke free

Perth CBD goes smoke free

June 2, 2014

Smokers beware because as of Sunday, those caught lighting up in the Murray Street and Hay Street malls as well as Forrest Place will cop a $100 fine. Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi told Perth Now...

Businesses are encouraged to resister with 'Heads Up' to support workers will mental illness.

‘Heads Up’ for mental illness in the workplace

June 2, 2014

Mental health problems are costing Australian employers more than $10 billion a year in lost productivity and compensation, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Beyondblue has launched a...

Just a few of many palcohol flavours and variations

Powdered alcohol nothing to be sniffed at

May 19, 2014

Why do Europe and the United States get all the cool stuff while we’re stuck in Western Australia with no Krispy Kreme, no Burger King, and certainly no powdered alcohol? I like to think we are so...

Comparison of Modern Human and Neanderthal skulls from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Edith Cowan University honours student, Angela Genoni is looking at comparing the modern human diet with that of a Neanderthal.

Stone age diet excites modern researchers

March 13, 2014

Some of Edith Cowan University's top researchers will soon begin investigating whether a paleo diet – better known as the 'caveman' diet – can help protect against heart disease and diabetes. Lead...

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