About our Polipods

About our Polipods

September 5, 2019

These seven to ten minute podcasts were made by the students enrolled in Political Journalism (JOU2107) in 2018. The students were tasked with talking a state or federal WA politician into being interviewed on a topic they are passionate about and with finding at least one other relevant interviewee...

WA EPA’s emissions backflip

WA EPA's emissions backflip

Nick Doyle

September 5, 2019

Nick Doyle talks to Green’s MLC for East Metro, Tim Clifford about the EPA’s scrapped carbon emissions guidelines proposal.

Cables for sharks

Cottesloe Beach
Photo by Razia Osmani

Jesse Donnelly Jones

September 5, 2019

Jesse Donnelly Jones talks to shadow environment minister Steve Thomas about the State Government’s plans to install shark deterrent cables along the WA coastline, and how this method can help make our beaches safer this summer.

Aged care issues in WA

Aged care is a complex issue

September 5, 2019

June Lee spoke with Labor MLA and member of Girrawheen Margaret Quirk about the condition of WA aged care facilities.

The penalty rate debate

Retail workers are among those who would lose Sunday penalty rates under a new proposal.

Grace Flynn

September 5, 2019

Grace Flynn explores both sides of the penalty rate debate, which was sparked in 2017 when the Fair Work Commission announced that penalty rates in retail and hospitality would be cut over the coming years.

Regional road safety

Regional road safety

Linton Price

September 5, 2019

Linton Price talks to state Liberal member Peter Katsambanis about regional road safety.

The most Australian day

The most Australian day

Jess Emery

September 5, 2019

40,000 years before Captain Cook arrived in Sydney Cove with a British flag, there were already many who called Australia home. Jess Emery talks to Greens Senator Rachel Siewert and Member for Mount Lawley Simon Millman about the debate surrounding Australia Day

Forests for industry and forever

Australian Dryland Trees - Image Copyright Jack Cooksey

Madelin Hayes

September 5, 2019

Diane Evers is the Greens MLC for the South West Region in WA. Currently she’s working to amend the Regional Forest Agreement in a way that suits both the environment and the forest based industries. Madelin Hayes spoke to her about her entry into politics and her thoughts on the Regional Forest Agreement...

Is this a game we want here?

Airsoft in action in the Czech Republic

Eddie Scown, Political Journalism

June 26, 2018

Eddie Scown talks to shadow police minister Peter Katsambanis about the legal issues facing the sport of Airsoft, a game similar to paintball that was banned via the firearms laws brought in after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 because it uses life-like weapons.

The struggle is not over yet

Rosie the Riveter

Kelly Smith, Political Journalism

June 26, 2018

Women's rights and the push for equality are still hot topics. Kelly Smith talks to politician Donna Faragher and organisational change expert Aleisha Godenzie about the current state of feminist affairs.

Facing up to difficult choices

MLA Amber-Jade Sanderson

Henry Sims, Political Journalism

June 26, 2018

Amber-Jade Sanderson is the state member for Morley currently chairing the End-of-Life Choices committee that is looking into euthanasia laws in WA. Henry Sims spoke to her about her entry into politics and what the committee means for WA.

Insights on state and local political work

Albert Jacob reflecting on the move from state to local politics.

Josh Smith, Political Journalism

June 26, 2018

We are often bombarded with news about the policies, laws, and scandals brought about by our politicians. However, we don’t often hear about what it’s like from the other side. In this Polipod Joshua Smith speaks to the Mayor of Joondalup and former Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Al...

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