2018-2019 Staff

Natalia Caceres


Natalia is an ECU broadcasting student currently. She loves music, the entertainment industry, fashion, theatre and movies. After completing her studies...

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Yoshitaa Thadhani


Yoshitaa is 3rd year ECU student studying Communications, majoring in Broadcasting. Her interests include volunteering for events, fitness, and travel....

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Rebecca Low


Rebecca is a positive student studying her Bachelor of Media and Communications, majoring in Broadcasting. She aims to work in the news world after finishing...

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Connor Mallis


Connor is a broadcasting journalist who has a keen eye for the truth. With a drive to share legitimate news across all media platforms. Connor enjoys problem-solving...

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Sasha Parissis


Sasha is a young broadcaster who hopes to one day be a radio presenter for 92.9 or Nova 93.7. She is interested in languages, she is learning both Greek...

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Yunqi Yu


Yunqi Yu is an ambitious young journalist and broadcaster at ECU, studying the Bachelor of Media and Communications and majoring Broadcasting. She is also...

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Linton Price


Linton is an aspiring writer, studying Writing and Journalism at Edith Cowan University. He wishes to pursue a career in online journalism with a focus...

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Jacob Wall


Jacob Wall is an aspiring broadcast journalist and filmmaker with a passion to creatively distribute the most significant and relevant news stories through...

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Abby Marlborough


Abigail Marlborough or Abby as she likes to be called, is an inspiring Broadcasting and Film and Video student with a passion for creating content, either...

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Jacob Van Tuil


Jacob Van Tuil is a third year Media and Communication, Film and Broadcasting, student. His goal is to change the traditional way media is delivered to...

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Bella Sardelis


Bella is a young journalist who aspires to become a TV Presenter. She has a great love and passion for the arts in particular: entertainment, music and...

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Olivia Morris


Hi, I'm Liv a self-confessed beauty junkie and qualified make up artist who lets all my love for it out on my YouTube channel. I'm a passionate person...

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Ryan Ausden


Ryan Ausden is 21 years of age and currently studying Broadcasting at ECU. He has a strong passion for graphic design, film and photography, having formally...

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Ebony Garlett - Latky


Ebony is an enthusiastic young broadcast journalist who loves sports, cats and enjoys delving into the world of sci-fi with a vast board game collection....

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Katie Hully


Katie is the mum of Lillian and a student, studying a Bachelor of Communications with a Double Major in Broadcast and Journalism. She also currently works...

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Chiko-Martin Miti


Chiko is a young aspiring journalist doing a Bachelor of Media and Communication with a passion for media. He is a flexible team player who loves documentaries,...

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Venine Palm


Venine’s passion for all things news started when she was young girl babbling for hours on end about all the ‘need-to-know’s’, ‘sandwich stealing...

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