2019-2020 Staff

Holly Edwards-Smith


There are many phrases which could be used to describe Holly; pizza snob, Disney fanatic and professional napper. However the most relevant to her work...

Steven Jones


When you think of enthusiasm you should think of Steven. A driven young journalist and broadcaster, Steven loves all things sport and has used that passion...

Kate Purnell


Kate is a passionate young journalist with an acute interest in politics and foreign affairs. She is particularly focused on the local impacts of national...

Brooke Couper


Brooke Couper is another Kiwi living in Australia. Brooke is passionate about communications and aspires to work in public relations or potentially progress...

Julian Vicentini


Julian is an aspiring broadcasting and journalism student who’s passionate about presenting and reporting live and accurate media. Julian has been a...

Sharni Hamann


Sharni Hamann is an enthusiastic young journalist. She is a hard-working individual with a strong passion for the media, politics and the arts.

Joshua Smith


A deep love of good writing, the pursuit of truth, the Oxford Comma, and luscious hair formed Joshua into the young journalist he is today. As a budding...

Bridget Turner


Bridget is a young journalist who enjoys learning about the world around her and the positive impact she can have in her local community. In her free time...

Elisha Hammond


Elisha is a curious thinker with a soft spot for strange words and strong coffee. She spends her time dreaming up big ideas and doing far too much online...

Lorraine Ochieng


Inspired by the Carol Burnett quote: "Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me", Lorraine is an ambitious journalism student who is ready to...

Henry Sims


Henry is an aspiring broadcaster and journalist with a strong interest in politics, sport, and all things WA. With a background in arts and community organising,...

Mason Smith


Mason is a keen cricketer and Sudoku enthusiast who is passionate about sport, music and the local community. When he's not on the cricket pitch, he's...

Malcolm Coleman


Mal is an aspiring journalist whose ambition is a career in a journalism and broadcasting, or a communications role in either a media-orientated, professional...

Razia Osmani


Razia Osmani is passionate about world peace, human rights, social justice and equality. After years of working in the banking industry she decided to...

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