Global warming sending reefs deeper and fish further

Reef Life Survey diver

Andrew Fewster, Reporter

October 23, 2017

Due to global warming, rising water temperatures are having dramatic effects on the ecology of coral reefs, recent studies have shown. One study shows that as waters warm, fish are able to extend their hunting range, which will impact on invertebrates such as crabs, lobsters, and sea urchins. “As...

Ditch screen time for green time this October

ECU beach volleyball competitors

Andrew Fewster, ECU Reporter

October 16, 2017

Outdoors WA is encouraging West Australians to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the state's landscape this month for Outdoors October. There are a variety of activities and events being organised for people to enjoy such as bush walks, camping, boating and many more. Jamie Bennett, the Executive Officer of Outdoors WA, said: “Outdoors...

Children losing physical literacy

Children losing physical literacy

Andrew Fewster, ECU Reporter

October 9, 2017

Half of the kids in year six in Australian schools haven’t mastered fundamental movement skills, such as throwing, kicking or leaping. According to a report released by the Australian Sporting Commission (ASC), children are increasingly struggling with basic physical tasks. The report demonstrates...

Africa’s Democratic Dogs

African wild dog in Botswana

Andrew Fewster, ECU Reporter

September 11, 2017

The idea might sound howling mad, but African wild dogs in Botswana are using a majority style voting system to decide when the pack will start their hunt, according to a recent international study. The study showed that dogs need to reach what is called a “quorum threshold” before they start t...

Perth Liberal state conference: GST and Secession

WA Liberal State Conference

September 3, 2017

The Perth annual Liberal Party state conference has yielded interesting results, including Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promising GST reform and a motion for WA to secede and establish financial independence. Turnbull promised reform of the GST system, moving towards establishing a 70% floor on...

Is Perth vulnerable to terrorist attack?

Perth city at night

Andrew Fewster, ECU Daily Reporter

August 28, 2017

Barcelona, Manchester, Turku, it seems like every week there is another terrorist attack claiming more innocent lives. Even Australia has experienced the horror, with the Lindt Café siege in Sydney in 2014 and the shooting of Curtis Cheng in 2015. Unlike the spectacular Twin Towers attack on 11 September,...

Perth Mint taps China’s golden appetite

Photo credit: ECU Daily

Andrew Fewster, ECU Reporter

August 21, 2017

The Perth Mint is taking advantage of China’s booming gold market, with exports growing to $11 billion last year. The growth has come quickly, from 110 tonnes in 2011 to 232 tonnes last year, with a growth of more than 8% last year. Despite China being the world’s largest gold producer, the...

Sitting for extended periods may lead to dementia

Studies show extended periods of sitting may be harmful for the brain.

Andrew Fewster, ECU Reporter

August 14, 2017

Extended periods of sitting can be detrimental to brain function. This can include potentially increasing the risk of dementia, a recent study by UWA and the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute has found. The study shows that long periods of inactivity can cause the brain's glucose levels to fall outside...

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