Is your work harming you?

Continually working in a seated position can be bad for your health.
April 12, 2020

With office jobs on the rise, Australian activity levels have hit an all-time low. Statistics show 50% of Australians work in a job position that involves being sedentary for over eight hours. Safe...

Ditch screen time for green time this October

ECU beach volleyball competitors
October 16, 2017

Outdoors WA is encouraging West Australians to get outside and enjoy the natural beauty of the state's landscape this month for Outdoors October. There are a variety of activities and events being organised...

Children losing physical literacy

Children losing physical literacy
October 9, 2017

Half of the kids in year six in Australian schools haven’t mastered fundamental movement skills, such as throwing, kicking or leaping. According to a report released by the Australian Sporting Commission...

More than a game

Photo taken by Claudia Haines-Cappeau, of an AFL football
October 1, 2017

Indigenous adults who play football are healthier, happier and better connected to the community, according to a new report on Indigenous participation in sport, by The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre...

So you think you can (swing) dance?

Getting into the swing of it.
October 14, 2015

When I volunteered as tribute to go swing dancing for ECU Daily, I admittedly felt very distressed. I had sudden flashbacks to the dancing lessons my school forced upon me when I was a student at...

Call for sleep classes to be added to schools

Healthy sleep should be considered the third pillar of good help, says Prof Rajaratnam
June 3, 2015

Health experts are calling for an end to the ‘sleep deprivation cult’ and for tailored sleep education messages to be delivered to workplaces and schools, as well as to the wider population. Sleep...

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