PM shelves discrimination inquiry

Religious freedom or discrimination?

Nicholas Doyle

April 13, 2020

The Federal Government has shelved an inquiry which would have provided laws to protect LGBTIQ+ students and teachers from being expelled or fired on the grounds of religious beliefs. The inquiry was first put forward to the Australian Law Reform Commission in April last year and had a deadline of December 2020. Attorney general Christian Porter has now post...

‘Yes’ events are happening

'Yes' events are happening

Danielle Blanch, Reporter

September 4, 2017

The High Court is expected to make an announcement on Thursday about the success of legal challenge to the marriage equality postal vote. In the meantime the campaigns are running full steam ahead, as the current plan has the first postal vote letters scheduled be sent out on September 12. For people...

Explained: Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Australians have until the 24th of August to update their details or enrol for the vote.

Oliver Pomeroy, ECU Reporter

August 14, 2017

Unless a high court challenge is raised, a postal plebiscite on marriage equality will be held in November of this year. This follows the senate’s decision to block the compulsory vote that was proposed by the Liberal Party. A plebiscite is a vote conducted by the government to gauge the opinion...

Love rules as marriage equality conquers Perth

Love rules as marriage equality conquers Perth

Danny Rogers, Staff reporter

August 11, 2015

A crowd estimated at more than 1500 people showed their support for marriage equality in the Perth CBD this weekend. Organised by the Equal Love organisation, the attendance was significantly larger than previous rallies organised by the group. The event featured speeches from a variety of people...

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