A Summer in the Freezing Southern Ocean

Paige Maroni (right), searching rock samples for benthic biota hauled from the depths of the Southern Ocean.

Marshall Waters, Reporter

April 13, 2020

When you picture a PHD student, do you think of a woman on the deck of a ship surveying off the coast of Antarctica, sifting through muck looking for organisms living at extreme depths in freezing water and high seas? This is exactly where UWA PhD student, Paige Maroni, decided to spend her summer. RV investi...

Look out Scarborough, The Aussies are coming

Scarborough Beach (CC BY 2.0)

Katie Hully, Reporter

April 12, 2018

The Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, or "The Aussies", start at Scarborough Beach on Saturday and run for eight days. The national annual event was last held in WA in 2014. This year it includes a 2km ocean swim event that is open to all members of the public, as well as surf club members....

The melting of mud

The melting of mud

Ashleigh Melanko, ECU Reporter

October 16, 2017

Mud in the earth's mantle is melting, according to researchers from geology department at Curtin, who teamed up with universities from South Africa, the United Kingdom and UWA. Research into the mud, that is the layer between the crust and the core of the earth, is increasing understanding of how...

Perth drone video goes viral

Perth drone video goes viral

Gemma Kelly, Production Editor

April 22, 2015

A video featuring a Perth videographer running to save a remote control camera drone from falling into the ocean has gone viral. Rory McCoy reports. And here is the video with over 500,000 views in only two days!

WA Police continue search for missing diver

The search continues for a missing diver off Dawesville Cut

Audrey Concannon, Student reporter

March 31, 2014

The search for a diver who went missing off Mandurah on Saturday will continue this morning as long as the weather permits, according to police. A 38-year-old man did not resurface from his dive, five kilometers off of the Dawesville Cut on Saturday. The Water Police Coordination Centre is coordinating...

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