Proposed tunnel angers Perth residents

Hamilton Hill Residents protesting outside Transport Minister Dean Nalder's office

Josie Scott, Staff Reporter

October 8, 2015

Perth residents are angry that they have not been able to meet with Transport Minister Dean Nalder over their concerns regarding the proposed Perth freight link. Hamilton Hill residents have been vocal about their concerns with the proposed $1.6 billion project. The tunnel has been proposed as an...

Residents anxious as freight link threatens homes

Residents anxious as freight link threatens homes

Tasha Leov, Staff reporter

May 19, 2015

Palmyra residents in South Perth are anxious after receiving letters cautioning them that demolition of their homes could be imminent because of a planned toll roadway, Perth Freight Link. Main Roads notified residents of Palmyra that when the time comes inhabitants will not have a choice and will...

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