Rottnest moorings ‘release ancient CO2’

Image supplied by the ECU research team

Lorraine Sindel, Staff Reporter

March 17, 2016

Research conducted by ECU scientists has found that boat moorings on Rottnest Island are causing seagrass meadows to release ancient Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere, scarring and damaging the vital  ecosystem. The research, conducted by ECU’s Dr Oscar Serrano, Professor Paul Lavery and Profe...

Plotting for Perth: Crazy ideas that put WA on the map

The beginning of the waterslide on St Georges Terrace

Madeline Palmer, Staff reporter

October 8, 2015

We are one of the most isolated places in the world, but Perth has become the home where wild and wacky ideas can come to life. This is where I blow the "Perth is boring" theory out of the water, because contrary to popular belief, Perth has boasted some crazy events and attractions. Whether they...

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