Religious freedom or discrimination?

PM shelves discrimination inquiry

April 13, 2020

The Federal Government has shelved an inquiry which would have provided laws to protect LGBTIQ+ students and teachers from being expelled or fired on the grounds of religious beliefs. The inquiry was...

The 32-page booklet instructs teachers and school staff on how to recognise a possible extremist, along with meanings and myths on the topic.

Government’s attempt to combat radicalisation backfires

October 13, 2015

The federal government released a 'Radicalisation Awareness Kit' to schools nationwide last month, in an attempt to reduce extremism in young people. The 32-page booklet instructs teachers and school...

Hand-written exams could soon be a thing of the past and could be replaced by online examinations.

Hate handwritten exams? Relief may be at hand

October 28, 2014

No-one likes exams but for those losing the ability to hold a pen, they are a particular pain. In an age where schooling depends almost entirely on electronic devices, hand-written exams are an oddity. Laptops...

Clownpocalypse invades France

Clownpocalypse invades France

October 28, 2014

Panic spreads across France after a series of "clown" attacks over the past two weeks. French Police are on high alert as the new craze has led to violence. Fourteen teenagers dressed as clowns were...

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