Love somewhere because of a movie?

Greens Pool in Denmark, Western Australia, catches the last of the evening glow.

Yunqi Yu, Reporter

May 3, 2018

What make's you love a some-place? Does someone famous live there? Does it have a moving story? Are there songs written about it? But have you ever traveled somewhere because of a movie? According to Champion Traveler, a popular movie can increase tourism to a featured location by 31%. The coming-of-age...

New Guinness World record achieved on Penguin Island

Penguins at the beach — Penguin Island

Nicole Biss, Staff reporter

October 14, 2015

Saturday morning saw 506 people dress as penguins on Penguin Island to become Guinness World Record holders for the most amount of people dressed as penguins in one place. The previous record stood at 373 people, and this year's event included participants ranging from young children to seniors. To...

Rottnest Channel Swim splits the racers

Rottnest Channel Swim splits the racers

Simone Gordon and Alicia MacFarlane, Staff Reporter

August 26, 2015

Changes have been made to the annual Rottenest Channel Swim next year, which will include a separate race for channel champions. The new event, named Champions of the Channel, will take place on the Sunday after the traditional race. The second race will follow the tradition 19.7km swim but solo,...

What is Beaufort Street’s best art?

What is Beaufort Street's best art?

Chitalu Mulenga, Staff Reporter

October 18, 2014

The City of Vincent's dedication to street art is making Beaufort Street a destination, with the splendour on the street making it a stand-out from other streets in the city. The success is in no short part due to hard working Beaufort Street Network, a non-profit organisation, which has transforme...

Exhibition explores our life with animals

Dog and sheep - Michelle Whitehead

Emily Evans, Staff Reporter

October 17, 2014

  The Animal Ark exhibition, currently showing in the Art Gallery of Western Australia, touches on the relationships humans have with the animals around us. Using contemporary, Indigenous, and historical works, the exhibition touches on the issues surrounding animals in our society, ran...

Torchlight Tours put prison in new light

The view of Fremantle Prison's Gatehouse at night.

Rebekah Mathieson, Staff Reporter

September 14, 2014

Feeling a little adventurous? Want to hear a spooky tale or two? The night tour of Fremantle Prison is not one to be missed. After its closure in 1991, the WA government decided to conserve the Fremantle Prison site for future use and now it is the only World Heritage listed building in the state. The...

Dinosaurs come to life at WA Museum

The most dangerous and violent dinosaur.

Marie Bertolini, Staff Reporter

August 20, 2014

The West Australian Museum has brought to life The Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous exhibition which has already reached just shy of 160,000 visitors. Featuring more than 20 life-size replica animatronic models, the collection includes a breathtaking 16 metre long and 10 metre hi...

Albany to be in the spotlight for ANZAC centenary

Albany is set to be in the spotlight with the construction of the  National ANZAC Centre.

Lachlan Jacques, Student reporter

May 26, 2014

Albany is set to be in the spotlight later this year with the development of the National ANZAC Centre set to finish by November 1. The opening of the centre at Mt Adelaide will coincide with the centenary of the ANZACs departing from Albany to Egypt. The centre will allow visitors to interact with...

Greens bid to end shark cull hits hurdle

Crowd at No Shark Cull protest earlier this year

May 26, 2014

The Shark cull debate looks no sign of ending anytime soon. ECU Daily reporter Jason Harris writes about the next chapter.

Petrol price rise ‘should not deter tourists’

Petrol prices expected to rise in tomorrow's Federal Budget.

Shannan Osrin, Student reporter

May 12, 2014

Rises in petrol prices should not deter tourists traveling to regional areas in WA, according to Albany’s Mayor, Dennis Wellington, despite plans to uncap the fuel excise in tomorrow's Federal Budget. Mr Wellington said that while price rises could hurt the tourist market, it shouldn't deter Perth...

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