Clover is friend as well as foe

Clover is friend as well as foe

Clare Varcoe

September 14, 2020

Most people view clover as an annoying weed in their garden, but clover is a natural fertiliser and vital for feeding livestock. The natural bacteria that grows in its root system takes nitrogen from the air and puts it into the ground to feed other plants, but unlike artificial fertilisers, it doesn’t...

Universities taking a stand

Changing rape culture CC BY 2.0

Rebecca Low, ECU

May 24, 2018

Universities across Australia have started to make changes around their campuses to protect students against sexual harassment and assault. These changes are being made as part of the national Respect. Now. Always. campaign which was launched in 2016 to increase awareness, and address sexual assault ...

Good job prospects for WA grads

Good job prospects for WA grads

Greg Corrigan, ECU Reporter

September 3, 2017

Recent data from the Good Universities Guide reveals that students graduating from universities in WA are earning much more than those attending other universities around Australia. Good Education Group released the Good Universities Guide for 2018 last Monday, ranking Australia’s universities so...

“Captain chaos”: AMA hits back at Federal Government over Midland medical school

The Australian Medical Association has come out strongly against the Midland Medical School. Author: Amaclinic. Used under the creative commons license.

Jacob Landsmeer, Staff reporter

May 21, 2015

The Australian Medical Association and the Australian Medical Students Association have both slammed Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Federal Government’s decision to provide $20 million for a new medical training school in Perth’s eastern suburbs. The medical school, to be built at the Curtin...

Australian universities fall short for LGBTI students

Australian universities fall short for LGBTI students

Daniel Oreskovich, Student broadcaster

May 12, 2015

An assessment from the Human Rights Commission has found that universities in Australia are not doing enough to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex students. Daniel Oreskovich reports. [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide...

UWA rejects government funding sparking a political debate

UWA rejects government funding sparking a political debate

Gemma Kelly, Staff reporter

May 12, 2015

The University of Western Australia has announced it will be handing back the Federal Governments allocated $4 million grant that was funded to establish an Australian Consensus Centre on its campus. There has been an outcry among the staff, students and alumni of UWA about the Consensus Centre, which...

Government to crackdown on overseas HECS debts

Government to crackdown on overseas HECS debts

Thomas Powell, Staff reporter

May 8, 2015

Australian graduates working overseas for longer than six months will be forced to repay their student loans according to new laws set out under the 2015 Budget. The measures were announced by Education Minister Christopher Pyne and will be implemented from 2017 onwards and could potentially affect...

Pyne splits university bill, questions remain over cuts

Pyne splits university bill, questions remain over cuts

Taylah Hanna, Staff reporter

March 17, 2015

Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, has split his controversial higher education bills into several parts after having been accused of attempting to blackmail the Senate. In a press conference Monday, Mr Pyne backed down on his initial threats to stop funding towards the National Collaborative...

Hate handwritten exams? Relief may be at hand

Hand-written exams could soon be a thing of the past and could be replaced by online examinations.

Matthew Dower, Staff Reporter

October 28, 2014

No-one likes exams but for those losing the ability to hold a pen, they are a particular pain. In an age where schooling depends almost entirely on electronic devices, hand-written exams are an oddity. Laptops and tablets are used to  take down university lectures not pads and pencils.  But as...

University students urged to speak out against Islamophobia

University students urged to speak out against Islamophobia

Victoria Rifici, Production Editor and Staff Reporter

October 22, 2014

Since last month’s terror raids in Sydney and Queensland, attacks on Muslims have been growing, with incidents on university campuses more widespread than reported. A number of Muslim students have experienced and reported serious incidents of racism on University of Sydney campuses in recent weeks. Mohamad...

Plan could see you pay HECS earlier

A regional universities' group has warned requiring students to pay HECS earlier could penalise many.

Ambra Fossati, Student reporter

May 12, 2014

Students will now face certain financial difficulty under education cuts to be released in tomorrow’s Federal Budget, according to the Regional Universities Network. Tertiary students will need to work longer in order to replace the welfare benefits being cut, the group says, while also being expecte...

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