Is your work harming you?

Continually working in a seated position can be bad for your health.

Stefanie Ipsaro-Passione

April 12, 2020

With office jobs on the rise, Australian activity levels have hit an all-time low. Statistics show 50% of Australians work in a job position that involves being sedentary for over eight hours. Safe Work Australia says prolonged sitting can cause negative impacts such as poor posture, a reduction in energy expendit...

Good job prospects for WA grads

Good job prospects for WA grads

Greg Corrigan, ECU Reporter

September 3, 2017

Recent data from the Good Universities Guide reveals that students graduating from universities in WA are earning much more than those attending other universities around Australia. Good Education Group released the Good Universities Guide for 2018 last Monday, ranking Australia’s universities so...

7-Eleven work practices under fire

Wage scandal investigation

Penny Thomas, Staff reporter

September 8, 2015

The 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores is the latest franchise in Australia to come under fire for underpaying employees. The 24 hour chain store joins other Australian brands such as Grill'd, Bakers Delight, Gloria Jeans and La Porchetta who have all been accused of underpaying and overworking employees. In...

Super gap still a hurdle for women

Superannuation gender gap

Josie Scott, Staff reporter

September 1, 2015

Women are earning half the amount of superannuation men do according to the latest Roy Morgan Research findings. In 2015, women with superannuation had an average balance of $101,900 compared to men's average balance of $158,100. The median balance of women's superannuation, $35,200, is almost...

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